Toolkit for teachers


digital toolkit imageTeaching resources on democratic engagement and open data

The D3 project has created a toolkit of resources to help teachers to use and integrate open data in their classes. It aims to increase their digital data literacy and open data awareness.

The D3 teaching toolkit comprises resources for schools who will be teaching about using open data for digital citizenship and democratic engagement. The toolkit will provide links to accessible open data and visualisations. These teaching resources will act as blueprints for teachers to use digital data and information tools to help build critical engagement and active citizenship with their students.

The training course has provided input for the toolkit. The toolkit development involved reviewing and adjusting items from the perspective of gender and disadvantaged groups.

The final toolkit consists of:

D3 Lesson Blueprints for teachers

binary code imageLesson Blueprints provide ideas for teachers to identify, access and implement open data in the classes and to engage their students in the real world of data. The Blueprints are very practical, relevant and ‘hands on’ allowing teachers to consider the significant opportunities to explore the data we come across and use in everyday life.

The Lesson Blueprints are classified using binary code as this is how digital data is represented. They start from 0001 Who am I? and continue through to  1101 Who should I vote for?

A searchable dataset of useful Open Data

data tools

Project partners searched for and identified many examples of useful open data, visualisations and information for use in school curricula.

Using the searchable dataset you can explore useful and relevant data and resources by country (partner countries and international), type of data and target group.


All external links used in developing the resources were accurate and operational on February 1 2022