Output 1: review of digital data and the curriculum

The first output is a review of open data, school curricula opportunities, qualifications and digital skills. The purpose of the report is to inform the D3 project related to the training course for teachers and the teaching resources for using digital data in schools.

IO1: Review school curricula and qualifications, open data tools


The review offers an overview of digital data literacy opportunities in terms of school curricula, qualifications and availability of digital open data tools in secondary school. The comparative review is based on the EC Digicomp 2.0 framework and provides a capacity building tool through the identification of flaws and possible opportunities for improvement in secondary schools, in order to overcome “digital data skills” gaps.

As a result of closure of schools across Europe, additional research was undertaken to examine the special measures implemented in schools in partner countries as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. A separate report on this was produced.

Download the report – the Covid-19 review