Module 3 – Communication & Collaboration

Module 3 – Communication and collaboration through open data aims to empower learners to use a variety of tools for appropriate digital communication, effective collaboration and responsible civic participation.

Inspired by Competence 6.2. of DigCompEdu, the course will enable learners to:

  • Use a variety of solutions for interaction through open data
  • Share data, information and digital content through appropriate technologies
  • Use adequate referencing and attribution practices
  • Be active in society and collaborate through the use of open data
  • Respect specific behavioural norms, cultural and generational diversity while interacting online
  • Manage and protect their digital identity and online reputation

The module focuses on the following questions:

  • Why should I use open data for communication and collaboration?
  • Which qualities do I need to develop for effective and safe use of open data?

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In this unit you will learn more about the possibilities to communicate and collaborate through open data and the implications of this use, thanks to a series of training activities and some possible adaptations to the classroom, as well as some hints for reflection.

Activity: Review the presentation which introduces Module 3.

Presentation: D3 Module 3 Introduction

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