Module 3. Unit 4 : Collaborating through open data

The growing importance of open data and the consequent need of constantly updated resources has made data collaboration increasingly relevant.

Open collaboration is a process through which people from different fields, with a common interest towards a specific objective, can use, share, analyse and discuss open data. This collaboration is likely to continue until the objective has been reached (Canares, et al., 2017).

Collaborating when using geo-data is fundamental to help make appropriate decisions, for instance for urban and regional planning, environmental management, emergency preparedness and response.

Watch the following video about the importance of GIS to build a better future:

Cloud computing is a technology that allows us to to use the Web to share resources. The most common application is SaaS (Software as a Service), that is the provision of services in the format of apps which you have on your mobile phone or tablet (Maida, 2019).

School on the Cloud logoThe School on the Cloud network project explored the ways teachers, learners and education decision makers need to respond.

Guidelines were developed for educators to implement Cloud Computing   and the project  produced a Cloud Strategy for European Education, as well as guidance for teachers.

A Guidance Leaflet for Teachers and Trainers on Cloud Teaching and Cloud Learning was produced.


Cloud computing is present in our everyday lives and provides clear advantages when using learning environments, facilitating data sharing., interaction and co-creation. Yet the process implies new challenges and concerns, for example the risk of losing data, data leaks and privacy violation (Warwick, 2016).

In 2012, the European Commission published the Communication “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe”, followed by the creation of the “European Cloud Strategy” to promote the development of Cloud Computing services in Europe (Bolognini & Pelino, 2014).

The activities proposed in this unit are aimed to spur reflection on the use of Cloud Computing systems and other resources to collaborate on data.

Activity: Review the learning outcomes of this unit

Activity: Review the presentation which examines Wikis and Cloud-based systems


Activity: Review the presentation which introduces Open Maps and e-Portfolios

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