Module 2 – Digital Data Content Creation

Preparing for the module

Module 2 – Developing digital content focuses on several key questions about the creation, integration and re-elaboration of digital content taking into account copyright issues and personal data and privacy protection.

Digital data (content) creation is meant to empower learners to use a variety of tools for appropriate digital communication, effective collaboration and responsible civic participation. 

Inspired by Competence areas 2, 5 and 6 of DigCompEdu, the module aims to help participants to: 

  • Create and modify digital resources
  • Manage, protect and share digital resources
  • Actively engage learners by using digital technologies
  • Empower learners to manage risks and use digital technologies safely and responsibly
  • Manage and protect their personal data and privacy.

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This module covers the following parts:

  1. Development of digital content
    Nowadays there are many digital tools to create and process surveys. It is important to follow good rules and to pay special attention to the privacy of both yourself and the respondents.
  2. Creating and publishing video
    Nowadays, videos go viral much more than text or images. The video format is the easiest way to get your message across in a short and simple way, useful for sharing ideas and clarifying complex topics.
  3. Integrating and re-using digital content
    Digital content has the advantage of being easy to share, but it is also a challenge to become and stay visible. To ensure your content is visible, the right platform must be chosen. This depends on the goals you want to achieve and the audience you are targeting.
  4. Protecting personal data and privacy
    The online world provides unlimited access to information, but it can also lead to the leakage of personal data. In order to protect privacy, basic rules must be observed. These rules are based on media literacy.

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