Module 2 – Protecting personal data & privacy – practice

Explorer level

To assure that all the data are kept in safety, use Tor browser and VPN so that your data is not attributed to your name. This assures data safety and makes sure that your information is protected. This is extremely important while working with children as their data is the most tangible. 

More info on VPN can be found here: 

A good free VPN is considered to be Hotspot Shield.


– Try to connect to VPN to anonymize your search activity
– Use an incognito browser mode and surf to some sites, controle afterwards if no information is remaining (e.g. in the browsing history)


Expert level

In order to protect yourself, check every link you are clicking on via services that provide detailed information about the internet source. 

Frequently, suspicious links highlight information, or even pictures that are interesting to follow because they are designed to trigger your attention. On the off chance that you didn’t expect getting connections or are scrutinizing the wellspring of the message, abstain from opening or tapping on the picture. Some email programs are set up to give you an overview of these connections so you can perceive what it would resemble by setting your cursor over it without really following the connection.

While working with children, think twice of following a link as it may lead to data leakage. Such an approach will also teach children how to be responsible on the internet. Explain the core principles of the Internet : the transparency and visibility.

Children are the most vulnerable users of the Internet and it is our role to educate them.  

Check recent links that you clicked on and see a detailed information about each of it using the mentioned tools


30 mins