Module 0 – Digital footprint

What is your Digital Footprint?

Your Digital footprint is

  • the presence online that you leave behind
  • a trail of data that is associated with your online name
  • a PERMANENT record.

Activity: Play the Digital Footprint video and consider how it might be used with your classes.

Note, your digital footprint includes your:

  • use of online TV, mobile phone, and Internet.
  • personal information, preferences, searches, messaging, and any other online activity.

Everyone who uses the Internet has a digital footprint, so it is not something to be worried about. Understanding digital footprints may help pupils to be more discerning in what they publish on social media and other web sites.

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While you can often delete content, once digital data has been shared online there is no guarantee you will ever be able to remove it from the Internet.

Activity: Review the presentation on the Digital Data Footprint 

Presentation: Digital Data Footprint 

 Activity: Check your Digital Footprint awareness by trying out these tools.
Measure your digital footprint
Assess your understanding of your digital footprint

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