Managing data, information and digital content

Identifying information and data needs is a fundamental requirement for a person to be  Information and Data Literacy proficient. Managing the data and information gathered  is the next step in the process.

The ability to manage data, information and digital content is the capstone of the data literacy process.

Activity: Review the Unit Learning Outcomes

In the modern digital world, a lot of people consider that the term “Information and data literacy” just refers to a person’s ability to use digital environments such as a personal computer, the World Wide Web, sending email and so on. We confirmed, through the previous units, that this is not the case and that “Information and data literacy” is much more than that.  On the other hand, this common belief shows how important the skill of managing data, information and digital content in digital environments is, in the context of information and data literacy.

Being capable of proficient, or at least efficient, use of digital environments empowers people to demonstrate the outcomes of any research they have undertaken in a structured and convincing manner as well as the ability to express their opinions in an informed way.

The ability to organise, access and manipulate digital content in a structured environment is an essential component of “Information and data Literacy”.

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Explorer Level         

Enabling students to easily explore and manipulate data

Activity: Open and review the pdf on Updating and manipulating data

The materials examines the use of Tuvalabs educational materials and resources.

How to store data and make their use easier

Activity: Access the file on Storing data and making its use easier 

The part of the unit works with a number of  Cloud-based storage tools.



Expert Level

Manipulating your dataset

Activity: Review the Manipulating datasets activities

This part of the unit focuses on how to prepare data for its use and to ensure the information being used is in good condition for processes and analysis. These actions are essential as they improve the quality of the information.


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