Teaching Toolkit: Lesson Blueprints

Lesson Blueprints

To assist teachers with the creation of lesson resources, we have produced a number of contexts for teaching with Open Data as part of the Teacher Toolkit. Alongside the tools, here are some practical suggestions for connecting the ideas explored with students’ own lives.

We have created a series of lesson blueprints

They are numbered in binary code – the way that digital data is represented.

0001_ Who am I?

What databases do you appear on from the first weeks of birth, and how do these grow the longer you live and the more services you make use of?

0010_ Where am I?

What geolocated data do your smart devices generate as you use them which can be of value to others?

0011_ What am I buying?

What do your purchases, and store cards say about you, and how have those changed in the last 18 months?

0100_ What (not) to wear?

How do your purchases of clothing impact on the environment and how might information about the clothes you buy influence your future habits? How do websites manipulate you into purchasing things?

0101_ What shall we watch?

How does the change to streaming services for entertainment create data about our viewing habits which is valuable to companies?

0110_ What is Google (not) telling me?

Explores the idea of filter bubbles, and how our searches reveal something about us.