Evaluating data, information and digital content

Finding information on the subject of your concern is the most important step in the research process but it is not the end of the research. The next most important thing you want is information that supports the point you’re trying to make. Some of the sources you have found, might be outdated, biased, or just plain wrong, and using that information makes it a lot more difficult for you to present a convincing argument. So, evaluating data, information and digital content is a necessary process you have to follow if you want your data and information to be of some value. Taking the time to critically evaluate information as you find it, will help you to avoid wrong turns in the research process.

Activity: Examine the Unit Learning Outcomes

Data and information that are acquired through research usually are meant to be used freely, especially in the educational process, and open data is the main goal. But which conditions do constitute data to be open? The main answer to that question is licensing. In order for data to be open and accessible, which this usually means being published online, must be licensed for anyone to access, use and share.

The activities proposed in this unit guide you through a process for evaluating data sources, information and digital content in terms of its credibility and reliability. It addresses licensing of open data as a crucial role in evaluating open data, information and content.

Evaluating digital content

Activity: Complete the activities related to evaluating digital content that concern the suitability of data.

Assess the currency, relevance, accuracy, authority and purpose of digital data, information and content.


Why do we need to license and what are Creative Commons Licenses?

Activity: Review the materials on licensing and Creative Commons  and complete the tasks provided.

The different types of license are introduced and you will find out how to locate license information.


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About Cookies

Activity: Review the materials that relate to About Cookies and complete the tasks provided.

The use of cookies is described and explained and rules and regulations about them are introduced.


Expert Level 

Expert level presentation  Open data in more depthDownload the presentation in pdf format to access the web links

Evaluation of various digital data and content

Activity: Read the information related to evaluating digital content. This deals with different aspects of identifying Fake News.

The importance of critical evaluation is addressed and strategies like lateral reading are introduced..

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