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What’s next? A glimpse at the case studies gallery

Together with the publication of the course modules, D3 partners have started working on a collection of case studies regarding the use of open data in the school environment.d3-story-cesie-image

During this phase of the D3 project, secondary school teachers are being invited to report their professional experiences with integrating digital data in their classroom activities with pupils: participants from Italy will illustrate the implementation of their own digital data project within their school that contributed to promoting active participation to the local community.

The aim of this activity is to provide practical examples of open data use in secondary schools and to be an inspiration for other teachers.

D3 partners will support the participants in the development of their case study, which will cover four main topics:
1. Description of the school.
2. Description of the project and its ties with open data.
3. Project’s strengths and weaknesses.
4. Involvement of the students in the project.

The stories will be told resorting to Story Maps or Microsoft Sway, two interactive tools that will make the stories engaging and appealing for those consulting the case study gallery.

In the meanwhile, we provide you another resource about digital learning.

In occasion of the last Erasmus+ Days, the organization partner CESIE organized a social café to discuss about open data potential within the educational field.

If you are interested in learning more, follow this link.

Lastly, with the beginning of the new year, the project final event will be organized: stay updated!

CESIE website:
For more information on the activities implemented in Italy, please contact: