Until now, educational stakeholders have been extremely timid in applying the use of open data and digital technologies in education, despite the need  to support young people in their demographic engagement. The acquisition of digital citizenship skills is vital if they are to fully participate in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. This is backed up by the EU Science hub, who suggest the use of open data urgently needs to be embedded in schools and in teacher training.

The D3: Developing Digital Data literacy project is a response to these needs, while embracing engagement in citizenship through digital technologies as outlined in the European Commission’s Digicomp Conceptual reference model.

D3 – Developing Digital Data literacy relates to the need for information literacy for all citizens in Europe. Eradicating present-day problems such as the rise of populism and mis-information in all its forms and dimensions is one of the greatest challenges faced in Europe.

The project will make use of the outcomes of the Forward Looking Youth project “YouthMetre: A Tool for Forward Youth Participation”, which promoted “the collection and analysis of substantive evidence so that young people could participate effectively in policy making”.

The objectives of the D3 project are to:
1. Promote the use digital technologies and open data tools in learning and teaching.
2. Increase the capacity of learning and teaching to integrate democratic engagement considerations into educational plans and strategies.
3. Establish suitable styles of learning to access and integrate open data into schools and
4. Improve educational stakeholders’ response to the need for data and information literacy in schools and teacher training.