Module 4 – Investigating your local area

Investigating the practicalities of the 15 minute city concept in your local area

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • explain what is meant by the 15 minute city concept
  • consider the cities where the concept is starting to be applied, and the connection with digital data
  • appreciate the benefits of applying the concept
  • start to consider how it might be applied to your own local area

How realistic is the 15 minute city concept for your own local area?

Locate a map of your local area using an appropriate mapping tool and remind yourself of your 15 minute circles.

How many of those are there within your immediate area?

A transcript of the Carlos Moreno TED talk could be made available for students to interact with. This can be downloaded as a PDF in numerous languages.

Students need to consider the following six important aspects. These need to be met within your local area if the concept is going to work. How can Open Data help you to identify these?

– working

– supplying

– caring

– learning

– enjoying 

– living