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Some open data projects in Europe

A number of interesting European open data projects are being developed.

An Atlas of European Values

evalue web site imageBased on the work being undertaken by the EVALUE Erasmus Plus project, an Atlas of European Values has been created based on the work of the European Values Study. The Atlas, published by Springer, has been launched on Europe Day (May 9th 2022).

The interactive online atlas is available on the EVALUE Web site at https://www.atlasofeuropeanvalues.eu/maptool.html. Here it is possible to select indicators, adjust the time period of the data, select specific response groups and compare maps. Some datasets are available from countries around the world.

The EVALUE Project offers teachers and students in secondary education interactive web tools and teaching materials that match curriculum need on contemporary topics like migration, democracy, solidarity, and tolerance. In addition, it provides strategies to develop their own teaching ideas.

European Court Human Rights open data

The European Court of Human Rights Open Data (ECHR-OD) project aims at providing formatted and standardised open data about the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in order to draw the attention of Data Scientists, Machine Learning practitioners as well as researchers on legal analysis and related areas.ECHR logo

ECHR-OD is guided by three core values: reusability, quality and availability.. To reach those objectives, each version of the database and datasets are carefully versioned and made publicly available, including the intermediate files, the integrality of the process and files produced are carefully documented, the script to retrieve the raw documents and build the database and dataset from scratch are open-source and carefully versioned, no data are manipulated by hand at any stage of the creation process.

Explore the European Court of Human Rights Open Data project https://echr-opendata.eu/

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