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Open data in schools: the final event of D3 project in Italy

working with data imageOn 26 February 2022 CESIE, a non-governmental partner in the D3 Project organised a Multiplier Event to celebrate the conclusion of the D3 project at the Liceo Einaudi Pareto in Palermo, Italy.

The event was attended by secondary school teachers, interested in deepening the topic of open data in the school environment, and by teachers and students that have been actively engaged in the D3 project.

The presentation saw the intervention of different speakers, who pointed out different subjects. CESIE introduced the topic of open data and blended learning, reflecting both on its main advantages and challenges, and encouraging the participants in expressing their opinions about it.
Later, by exploring together the D3 website, the products and resources developed by the project were presented:
Review school curricula and qualifications, open data tools
Teacher Training Course
Teaching resources on democratic engagement and open data
Gallery of Case studies

media imageRegarding the Gallery of Case Studies, during the event, one of the classes involved had the chance to present the resources they had developed.

The students were supported by their teachers who outlined the initiatives of the High School Einaudi Pareto within the context of open data and the collaboration with the programme A Scuola di Open Coesione (ASOC), an innovative educational path aimed at promoting principles of active and aware citizenship in Italian schools.

An ASOC representative virtually participated in the event, congratulating the students for the results achieved and stressed once again the importance of educating schools in the appropriate use of digital resources.

See the presentation

The event was a great success and participants appreciated the chance to exchange opinions and ideas about the use of open data within the school environment!

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