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D3 Lesson Blueprints for Developing Digital Data Literacy now online

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The D3 project has created a set of Lesson Blueprints for teachers to examine and use as part of their work with students on data literacy..

The Lesson Blueprints provide ideas for teachers to identify, access and implement open data in the classes and to engage their students in the real world of data. The Blueprints are very practical, relevant and ‘hands on’ allowing teachers to consider the significant opportunities to explore the data we come across and use in everyday life.

The Lesson Blueprints are classified using binary code as this is how digital data is represented. They start from 0001 Who am I? and continue through to 1111: What does the future hold for us?

The topics relate to everyday actions and activities where digital date is important and how the data and its collection affects citizens, their rights and responsibilities.

Access the Lesson Blueprints 

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