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Training course on digital data literacy

digital data literacy imagePartners in the D3 project have created a professional teacher development course focusing on competences related to digital technologies and data literacy.

Based on the framework of the research undertaken (a a review of open data, school curricula opportunities, qualifications and digital skills) at the start of the project and on DigComp (key competences for citizens) and DigCompedu (key digital competences for educators) as defined in Europe by the European Commission, a training course focusing on digital data literacy and its connection to critical thinking and democratic engagement has been created for use in initial and continuing teacher education and training.

The course deals with digital skills, open data as well as digital citizenship in empowering young people to engage in critical discussions and debates about issues that concern them.

literacy skills diagramIn earlier work the YouthMetre open data tool based on EU open data on youth ;policies generated by the YouthMetre project has been used as the basis for the D3 development, applying it in school contexts in European curricula.

Five modules have been created:

  • Introduction – Digital Citizen
  • Information and data literacy
  • Digital content creation
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Problem solving – the 15 minute city

The training course has been produced as an open, online resource.

Explore the online training course.

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