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Monitoring Open Data

A number of tools and initiatives seek to analyse and present the development of open data across the world.

The Open Data Watch is an independent authority that seeks to ensure national statistical systems meet their obligations to provide open and complete development data.

It provides annual assessments of the coverage and openness of official statistics in countries around the world via an approach that is transparent, reproducible, and consistent with international standards. It was first launched in 2015 with engagement with national statistical offices.

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The Open Data Monitor gives an overview of available open data resources around the world, allowing an analysis and visualisation of existing data catalogues. Innovative technologies are used to present the results. opendata map

The Monitor collects metadata from open datasets from a diverse range of open data sources. Scalable analytical and visualisation methods allow you to find out about the composition of regional, national or pan-European open data repositories. Analysing and visualising the metadata reveals hidden potential and essential insights from existing resources and identify gaps where additional open data are needed.

In the OpenDataMonitor project we will adopt CKAN as the underlying software architecture within which all our software contributions will be integrated as plug-ins. This will help make sure the platform is available to a wide population.

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